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Dryer-ea: or How To Replace the Thermal Fuse in a Maytag Performa Dryer Model PYE2300AYW

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So about a week and a half ago we returned home to discover that our clothes dryer would not turn on.  Hoping it was something easy, I checked the only thing I knew to check:  the breaker box.  Visions of money spent on a new appliance were dancing around my head as I found that the breaker was good. 

It was that moment when I decided that I would use my trusty Google fingers and try to discover whether this was a commonly diagnosed issue and easily repaired.  I’m don’t have much “fix-it” experience, I mean, I shave my head so I don’t have to fix my hair, but I really want to learn this kind of stuff!    

It turns out there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a dryer!  Who knew?  I found videos about the timer, the thermal fuse, the thermostat, etc.  I watched a video where a gentleman removed the door of the dryer to check these wires.  He also removed a back panel to check the timer.  The dryer in his videos closely resembled ours, so I borrowed a voltage tester from my amazing mentor and went about my checking. 

It should’ve been the first sign when I discovered that our timer had around five million more wires than the one in the film.  However, this did not deter me.  I attempted to check the timer wilth inconclusive results. 

As I was unscrewing the door, after being told that all I had to do was pop up the top, and after hearing [ANATOMICAL EUPHEMISM AND METAPHOR AHEAD] the pair of nuts drop off inside the machine with no way of removing the front like in the lying video, did I finally stop and research a little more.  And guess what?!  The top of the dryer pops open, giving you access to the wired innards!  No emasculating required!

Once I got inside the appliance, I was quickly able to determine that the thermal fuse was out and needed to be replaced.  I tracked down the parts locally and now had to trust Google to help me install them.  No matter where I looked, I could find no detailed instructions anywhere!!  Only comments like:  “I replaced the thermal fuse and it was SOOO EASY!” or “Thermal fuse?!  More the thermal CRUISE!” or “I let me four month old replace this part because it was so simple.”  I stared at the setup, but had no clue how this infant prodigy accomplished this feat!  Insistant on avoiding another episode similar to the nut dropping, I returned to Google yet again and found these three country fried videos below:

After watching these amazing videos, replacing the fuse was pretty easy!  So, I figured I’d write this up with the model number and all in the title to assist other tentative, new fix-it dudes out there who need practical information.


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February 1, 2012 at 8:47 pm

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I knew that would make you click.

As i’m gearing up for an update on our baby making thing or whatever it is we have going on, I thought I’d toss out a few things that came across my radar that touch on that topic.

It’s not a tuma!

This is a link to an article about a pregnant man.  And this is another article about the same people.  Now before you click, I must warn your innocent eyes that there are all kinds of particulars about this situation that may create opinions in you about these total strangers.  Not to mention some possible crazy paraphernalia on the site itself, so click but be warned.

When I saw the headlines I imagined it would be something akin to that crappy farce of a movie up there, but as in many ways, I was wrong.


If you want to spout off any crazies, well….nah, go ahead and spout off, but just remember this is just something that I came across that slighty touches on the larger subject matter at hand.

And breathe.

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December 7, 2011 at 1:01 pm

Catching Up

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I know, I know….I’ve been slacking again.  Life is busy, man!  Get off my back!!!

Whoa.  I’m sorry I yelled at you.



My birthday’s come and gone!  Work’s been crazy!  (I think it’s ok to admit I have a job.  We have strict social media stuff there.  On second thought, forget that!)  There was Easter!  And I have an anniversary sneaking up too!

I cam across this post last week on the Stuff Christians Like website and I wanted to share it with you and finally got around to it.  This is one of those things that feels like its written from a place I’m trying to get and it just struck me. 

Here’s the clicky-click!


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May 2, 2011 at 7:33 pm

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You Must Read This Article!

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I know, I know. 

I don’t post anything for a week and all of a sudden I’m driving you people crazy, right?  I did warn you, though.   

I was going to wait on this article until tomorrow, but I just couldn’t because:

  1. It is so sweet and amazing and inspiring.
  2. After finding in throught D Magazine’s Frontburner, I send it to my Instapaper (the most AMAZING app that I have grown to depnd on too much??), only to find the article blocked by the Dallas Morning News’ paywall.  If you are a subscriber, it was on the front page of Friday’s paper or you have further access to their website.  I do not.
  3. It took many exhausting Google searches to find it elsewhere, and we all know how taxing it is to type things into that search bar and sift through the hits, right?

It’s the story about a eight year old Lewisville boy’s failing eyesight and his trip to the greatest city in the world, and my favorite, New York City.

Please, please just read it….you will be glad you did!

There are other articles out there about this young man, and I haven’t read them yet, and I will, but this story really stuck me.


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April 17, 2011 at 8:27 pm

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It’s Been A While, Baby…

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I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but it’s been a little while without any updates about baby stuff.

The baby thing fell into a holding pattern of sorts.  Things have been busy. Holidays and school break.  A new year and new schedules.  But, more than that, we were experiencing a weariness.  Weary of a monthly pattern of hope and letdown.  Stress, futility, confusion, and sadness began to creep back into the process and the day to day.  So, in an effort not to just throw in the towel for good, we kind of set it aside for a little bit instead.

It’s too easy to let all the negative emotions replace my focus.  It’s really alarming how easy it could.  I’m hardwired to look at the lack of results as a reflection on my abilities.  Before I realize it, I could be praying for this baby more out of the desire for one than to get closer to God.   Am I praying to seek a baby and not to seek the Father?  Searching for the religion in the process?  Maybe I didn’t pray right.  Maybe this month I didn’t do enough good things.  I didn’t have enough patience in one area, so no baby for me!

We needed to clear our heads and hearts.  I still need to daily.  Hope and faith are already a struggle enough for me without throwing all of the above yuckiness into the mixing bowl.  At any rate, we’ve picked up the towel again.  We’re holding off the multiple deposit situation and seeking out yet another doctor.  This doctor was recommended by many wonderful people who are very special to us.  That makes it hard for me to admit that it also seems like the strangest avenue for my fertility issues.  But, after everything we’ve been told, I can’t say I’m not immensely curious and anticipating this appointment.  It’s still a month away, but as evidenced by our holding pattern, time flies.

And we are becoming expert “waiters.”

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April 3, 2011 at 8:56 pm

The Joule, Part Two…Or the END of my Booze Problem

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Our friends arrive and we dudes hit the pool table.  But dinner soon beckons.

Personalized menus? Check.

Sommelier? Check.

Let’s eat. (Now, I should mention that my wife doesn’t like wine.  And we’re simple country people too awkward to ask this man who studies the intricacies of wine for a soda.  So it’s really my husbandly duty to save my lovely bride any embarrassment and help her get rid of her drinks.  I succeeded in one of those two goals.)

First course: Lobster Corndog

Wine status:  Whenever the server looks away and the sommelier leaves the room, I basically shotgun my wife’s wine. I got this.

Second course: Limestone Lettuce Salad

Wine status: I can hold my own against this sissy grape juice.

Third Course: Carmelized Scallop.

Wine status:  Hey, anyone feel weird?  It’s like, my legs tingle and I see them, but are they really there?  Could the wine be affecting me?

Fourth Course: Sauteed Pheasant

Wine status: My head feels funny.  Funny is a funny word.

Fifth Course: Dry Aged NY Sirloin

Wine status: I must say silly things and make many outrageous and outlandish claims.

And dessert is an assortment of tarts and pies and yummies!

Wine status:  I vaguely recall this course.  Who took these pictures?

So, yeah.

I still don’t think I was DRUNK drunk, but I was probably right around the corner from it.  Of course, having never been drunk, I have no basis for comparison.  And I was doubling up on the glasses and I figured that wouldn’t affect me too much since I was constantly eating.  And surely they would be giving us the cheap stuff since it was all free.  I was wrong, wrong, and wrong.

You’re probably thinking that Joe can’t hold his booze.  Well, it was like 10-ish glasses of wine!  I spent a good part of time in one of the three bathrooms and then another part of time laid out on the bed in the master bedroom.  I did come back around and recover quickly to finish out the night in my right mind. 

And I got Jen a Dr. Pepper that morning.

Lessons learned:

MODERATION. Nothing wrong with a drink or two, if you ask me. Ten glasses of wine? A bit over the top.

MAN UP. There’s also nothing wrong with stepping up as a husband and taking care of what my wife wanted which was a Dr. Pepper. We don’t have to be intimidated by fancy places.

Did I mention MODERATION?  Just wanted to be sure because this is not a “Hey, kids! Drinking is fun! Let’s all go drinking and drink some drinks!”  This was an adventure to be sure, but one I want to repeat mostly sober. 🙂

PSA:  Ok, you may notice that tonight’s post dealt with the existence of alcohol and the effects of overconsumption.  While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with an ADULT OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE enjoying a beverage, it is important to not only know yourself well enough to decide if you are a drinker, but also to know when to say when.  Like when to stop drinking.  Sure, people always seem to laugh about it, but take it from me, kids: it’s not funny.  If you want to know more about alcohol and it’s effects, consult your local library.

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March 2, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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The Joule, Part One, or the Beginnings of My Booze Problem

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One of the prizes that sticks out the most in my mind was an Easter egg hunt sponsored by the Joule hotel downtown.  They hid a Golden Egg in different cities across the country.  At a given time, the Joule posted clues on their Facebook and Twitter pages, directing you to a specific spot in the city.  If you found the egg you received airfare to Dallas, dinner at the Charlie Palmer, and a weekend in the hotel.  However, if you were the Dallas winner, you received a nights stay in their penthouse and dinner for four.

The first time I heard of this contest I knew I absolutely had to find this egg.  My wife LOVES hotels and what could be better than staying in a penthouse?!

The first clue came across their Twitter along with instructions that the first person to find the egg needed to send them a picture and the search was over.  When this first clue dropped, I hit Google.  It took two websites to find the answer.

It was stashed at a new park right in front of where I catch my bus home.  I half expected to see at least a few egg seekers, but it seemed that I was the only one.  I eyed each person there suspiciously just in case they were there to snatch my egg.  So I dashed around, looking in bushes, behind playground equipment, inside trash cans.  I looked so frantic a homeless man stopped to watch my crazy actions.  Finally, I found it stashed near the entry sign and victory was mine! I sent in my picture and confirmed my win!

It felt like an eternity for the information packet to arrive.  The toughest part was deciding when to use this! I mean, once you use it, it’s gone!  Should it be our anniversary?  Birthday?  A holiday?  A just because day?  Finally, we picked a date and began the process of setting it all up.  Penthouse reservations were fairly easy to make, but the real joy was in getting the dinner nailed down.  When I contacted the restaurant it turned out that, not only did they want to serve us in the penthouse, but the chef wanted to create an exclusive menu with wine pairings for us!

Booze and extravagant food?!  Yes, please!

So we invited a wonderful couple along for dinner and the night was set!

Now, this place is swanky.  SWANKY.

Jenni and I did our research because I always like to know what I should expect before walking into a place like that.  We navigated the lobby and front desk like pros.  “Oh, we stay at the Joule when we tire of the Mansion.”

Entering the penthouse was another matter all together.  The front desk attendant gave us the key cards that unlock the elevator’s access to the top.  When the doors open into the living room, we are hit with that feeling of WE DO NOT BELONG HERE. Like the Clampetts must’ve felt movin’ in to Beverly.

The Penthouse is enormous.

Living room, media room, pool table, balcon-IES, dining area, two bedrooms, three bathrooms (with bidets.)  INSANE. 

Britney Spears stayed here.

Lady Gaga.

And now the Thompsons.

Keep on the lookout for Part Two tomorrow.  Y’all come back now, y’hear?

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March 1, 2011 at 9:39 pm

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