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The Joule, Part One, or the Beginnings of My Booze Problem

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One of the prizes that sticks out the most in my mind was an Easter egg hunt sponsored by the Joule hotel downtown.  They hid a Golden Egg in different cities across the country.  At a given time, the Joule posted clues on their Facebook and Twitter pages, directing you to a specific spot in the city.  If you found the egg you received airfare to Dallas, dinner at the Charlie Palmer, and a weekend in the hotel.  However, if you were the Dallas winner, you received a nights stay in their penthouse and dinner for four.

The first time I heard of this contest I knew I absolutely had to find this egg.  My wife LOVES hotels and what could be better than staying in a penthouse?!

The first clue came across their Twitter along with instructions that the first person to find the egg needed to send them a picture and the search was over.  When this first clue dropped, I hit Google.  It took two websites to find the answer.

It was stashed at a new park right in front of where I catch my bus home.  I half expected to see at least a few egg seekers, but it seemed that I was the only one.  I eyed each person there suspiciously just in case they were there to snatch my egg.  So I dashed around, looking in bushes, behind playground equipment, inside trash cans.  I looked so frantic a homeless man stopped to watch my crazy actions.  Finally, I found it stashed near the entry sign and victory was mine! I sent in my picture and confirmed my win!

It felt like an eternity for the information packet to arrive.  The toughest part was deciding when to use this! I mean, once you use it, it’s gone!  Should it be our anniversary?  Birthday?  A holiday?  A just because day?  Finally, we picked a date and began the process of setting it all up.  Penthouse reservations were fairly easy to make, but the real joy was in getting the dinner nailed down.  When I contacted the restaurant it turned out that, not only did they want to serve us in the penthouse, but the chef wanted to create an exclusive menu with wine pairings for us!

Booze and extravagant food?!  Yes, please!

So we invited a wonderful couple along for dinner and the night was set!

Now, this place is swanky.  SWANKY.

Jenni and I did our research because I always like to know what I should expect before walking into a place like that.  We navigated the lobby and front desk like pros.  “Oh, we stay at the Joule when we tire of the Mansion.”

Entering the penthouse was another matter all together.  The front desk attendant gave us the key cards that unlock the elevator’s access to the top.  When the doors open into the living room, we are hit with that feeling of WE DO NOT BELONG HERE. Like the Clampetts must’ve felt movin’ in to Beverly.

The Penthouse is enormous.

Living room, media room, pool table, balcon-IES, dining area, two bedrooms, three bathrooms (with bidets.)  INSANE. 

Britney Spears stayed here.

Lady Gaga.

And now the Thompsons.

Keep on the lookout for Part Two tomorrow.  Y’all come back now, y’hear?


Written by jovid52

March 1, 2011 at 9:39 pm

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