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You Must Read This Article!

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I know, I know. 

I don’t post anything for a week and all of a sudden I’m driving you people crazy, right?  I did warn you, though.   

I was going to wait on this article until tomorrow, but I just couldn’t because:

  1. It is so sweet and amazing and inspiring.
  2. After finding in throught D Magazine’s Frontburner, I send it to my Instapaper (the most AMAZING app that I have grown to depnd on too much??), only to find the article blocked by the Dallas Morning News’ paywall.  If you are a subscriber, it was on the front page of Friday’s paper or you have further access to their website.  I do not.
  3. It took many exhausting Google searches to find it elsewhere, and we all know how taxing it is to type things into that search bar and sift through the hits, right?

It’s the story about a eight year old Lewisville boy’s failing eyesight and his trip to the greatest city in the world, and my favorite, New York City.

Please, please just read it….you will be glad you did!

There are other articles out there about this young man, and I haven’t read them yet, and I will, but this story really stuck me.



Written by jovid52

April 17, 2011 at 8:27 pm

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