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I knew that would make you click.

As i’m gearing up for an update on our baby making thing or whatever it is we have going on, I thought I’d toss out a few things that came across my radar that touch on that topic.

It’s not a tuma!

This is a link to an article about a pregnant man.  And this is another article about the same people.  Now before you click, I must warn your innocent eyes that there are all kinds of particulars about this situation that may create opinions in you about these total strangers.  Not to mention some possible crazy paraphernalia on the site itself, so click but be warned.

When I saw the headlines I imagined it would be something akin to that crappy farce of a movie up there, but as in many ways, I was wrong.


If you want to spout off any crazies, well….nah, go ahead and spout off, but just remember this is just something that I came across that slighty touches on the larger subject matter at hand.

And breathe.


Written by jovid52

December 7, 2011 at 1:01 pm

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